Recognize and Reduce BTS, Back-to-School Anxiety

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective and efficient, but the best results are achieved with a custom approach that can be tailored to your needs versus group hypnosis.  Our approach is focused on performance and unique for every client and challenge.

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Many Students experience back-to-school anxiety. As with other forms of anxiety, Hypnosis used in Hypnotherapy can greatly improve the way students feel and increase their chances of success as they enter a new school year.

How do we recognize BTS / Back-to-school anxiety?

As with other forms of anxiety, changes in behavior can be a strong indication the child is struggling.

Look for the following emotional & physical signs:

  • Lack of focus
  • Somatic symptoms like headaches or stomachaches (real or alleged)
  • Arguments or stress around seemingly minor things before school -- clothing, hair, shoes, socks
  • Insomnia or challenges calming down for bed
  • Increased dependence or attachment to family
  • More obvious signs would include refusal to go to school or outwardly expressing disdain

What can families do for BTS / Back-to-school anxiety?

  • Talk to your child about how they are feeling. Getting a plan in place starts with understanding.
  • Introduce as much FUN into the process as possible: New cool school supplies, Exciting stories about school, Creative learning experiences
  • Ensure a good quality of diet and sleep
  • Focus on all the positives that will come from their new experience
  • Have the child help plan elements they will look forward to: lunch, snacks, clothes/outfits
  • Above all, support and provide positive feedback when hurdles are overcome!
  • And, of course, consider calling us for help!