Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective and efficient, but the best results are achieved with a custom approach that can be tailored to your needs versus group hypnosis.  Our approach is focused on performance and unique for every client and challenge.

Is hypnosis real?

Yes, hypnosis is real and scientifically validated. Studies measuring brain activity show that the way the brain processes information can be altered with hypnosis and leveraged as a tool to enhance behavior.

Can you help me with an issue that might not be listed on your homepage?

Absolutely. Those areas of specialty and my approach in those areas are unique to me because of my personal experiences. That said, the lists are only meant to give you a sense of some ways hypnotherapy can help. I have experience and training in many other areas; so, please don't hesitate to contact us about any specific goals you might have.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of deep relaxation in which the subconscious mind is extraordinarily receptive to positive thoughts and suggestions. Through hypnosis, we can replace the old beliefs or behaviors that you no longer need or want with the new ones you desire. If you've ever found yourself engrossed in a movie, experiencing the feelings of characters on screen emotionally, and perhaps even physically -- you've experienced hypnosis. If you've ever drifted into a daydream and then snapped back into the present wondering where the last few moments went -- you've experienced hypnosis. Each night we enter and exit sleep, a hypnotic-like state bookends our experience.

Why choose hypnotherapy?

Because it Works! Hypnosis has repeatedly been proven to be the most effective approach to behavior modification.

There are many studies that have shown the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. Following are just a few study results:

  • 5x more effective for quitting smoking w/over 80% success rates
(2004, Texas A&M)
  • Nearly 3x more weight loss than with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy alone
(1996, University of Connecticut)
  • Significant decrease in exam anxiety and improvements in test performance
(1991, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  • 87% of adolescents with Sleep disorders reported that hypnotherapy helped them improved or totally resolve sleep issues
(2006, State University of New York Upstate Medical University )
  • Nearly 60% decrease in preoperative anxiety for patients undergoing surgery
(2006, Yale School of Medicine)
  • Significant reductions in anxiety for Stage Fright and Fear of Public speaking
(1994, University of Tasmania)

With hypnotherapy, you can effectively replace limiting behaviors with attitudes and actions that promote growth and success.

Can I be hypnotized?

Yes. Everyone has the ability to be hypnotized.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Each person experiences hypnosis differently. Most people feel physically relaxed with various bodily sensations -- some feel a lightness or floating, while others feel a comfortable heaviness. Mentally, many feel extreme calmness, while some experience a heightened awareness and focus. After hypnosis, most feel energized but relaxed and a general sense of well being.

Q&A from actual clients

Did you have any thoughts or concerns about hypnotherapy or hypnosis before visiting?

I did actually... like a lot of people I would I think when you mention hypnotherapy YOU KIND OF FEEL LIKE YOU'RE GONNA WALK OUT clucking like a chicken if somebody says a keyword or whatever, but it wasn't like that at all. It was actually very relaxing and more like a guided meditation. So, I was hesitant at first but Robert was really great about you know putting my mind at ease.

What brought you to High Performance Hypnotherapy?

So, I have anxiety. I have a teenage son a pre-P. M.S. daughter, and I'm married, and I have a full time job. So, yeah, I have anxiety, and I've been on medication for the last year and I really wanted to come off of that. And I knew that I couldn't do it by myself. I knew I wasn't able; I didn't have the tools in place to be off of medication and still deal with my life. So, I decided to talk with Robert and very quickly he put a plan in place for me based on the stuff that I told him. I'm off the medication and I am using the tools in my everyday life to deal with my situation.

What makes Robert Barnett’s approach impactful or effective for you?

It was very structured and plan oriented which is good for me. I've been to the traditional “talk therapy” is what I like to call it, where you just kind of talk it out and there's really no advice given and there's no like strategies put into place for you to go out into your everyday life and deal with the things that happen. Robert listens to what you have to say, and, based on what you tell him, he puts that plan into place for you to go out and live your life in a successful way.

How has hypnosis helped your anxiety?

So far so good. I'm off my medication. I'm going now to hit my weight loss goals; one of the side effects of the medication is gaining weight, and I always had to choose whether I was fat and happy or thin and miserable. Now I don't have to choose I can be thin and not have to be on medication; So it's definitely a plus.

Would you recommend Robert Barnett & High Performance Hypnotherapy and why?

Yes, absolutely. I actually have recommended it to a bunch of different people. I talk about it with anybody that’ll listen, really. I think anybody can benefit from it, because I think we all have stress in our lives. And I think that the way Robert puts you through this guided meditation, he reinforces the stuff that you talk about in the sessions so that when you leave there it's in the front of your mind, and you're thinking about how are you going to deal when you walk out of there. How are you going to react to your situations because the situations are going to happen. It's a matter of how you react to them.

Did you have any thoughts or concerns about hypnotherapy or hypnosis before visiting?

My first roadblock was feeling vulnerable and put in a situation where I'm not gonna know what was happening, but that was those misconceptions were quickly alleviated when I realized that the session really is very interactive, and you're aware of what's happening and you even get to walk away with an MP3 of your sessions. So, the feeling of trust was there the moment I walked in.

What brought you to High Performance Hypnotherapy?

I've always suffered from stage fright when I play the piano, which is ironic because I'm a music teacher and a pianist and, yet, it was holding me back. And I knew that I could perform better if I could just get over this roadblock of being in front of an audience. The feeling of stage fright is a feeling of panic,Sweaty palms,racing heart,tunnel vision; an overall feeling of doom, forgetting my music entirely...even though I have put in hours of preparation. The other reason why I started coming was because I had just begun taking anti anxiety medication for the stage fright, and I knew, personally I don't want to be relying on medication especially if this is something that I would have to do in the long term. And I figured if Hypnotherapy can help me get off of the medication that was the ultimate goal.

What makes Robert Barnett’s approach impactful or effective for you?

Well, Robert's approach is all science based. And while an approach of mysticism and healing energy might work for some people, I knew that that wasn't going to work for me because I'm the type of person that really responds to quantitative results, something that is measurable, something that has been backed up by science. And when you walk into your first session, you can expect to talk to Robert for a good hour about what it is you're there to work on. And, I think that one of the most effective methods that Robert uses is that he uses your words during that hypnotherapy session. So, it's everything that has come out of you that he then customizes to a very individual approach; so, that it's words that are going to connect to you and relate to you and really help you solve your problem. It's not a one size fits all kind of therapy.

How has your stage fright and performance anxiety improved with hypnotherapy and hypnosis?

It's going really well. I've already had six performances since my third and last session with Robert, and I don't get panicky anymore, and I'm honestly surprised because I just figured OK maybe this will have a short term effect.

Maybe there will be just one performance I'll feel good about and then I'll get nervous and all the feelings will come back, and it hasn't. I've done six concerts. I've had colleagues come up to me and say, "wow you sounded really good tonight."

I felt joyful and I just really enjoyed the performances and had fun during them. And then, the best part is I am no longer taking medication. I can look forward to a performance without worrying, "do I have enough meds to get me through it", or worrying about having to pay for them. I can just go and enjoy what it is I love to do, which is play the piano.

Would you recommend Robert Barnett & High Performance Hypnotherapy and why?

Oh, I absolutely would recommend High Performance Hypnotherapy. Like I said, I was scared to do it first because you're kind of letting somebody into to a fear. But in the end, that person, Robert specifically, is here to help you overcome that fear and change your thinking; so that the situation that you go into that would normally cause you anxiety is now something that brings you joy. At least that's what it did for me, and I would hope that it would do the same for somebody else. So, I highly recommend Robert and High Performance Hypnotherapy.