Hypnosis and Hypotherapy to change your non-conscious

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective and efficient, but the best results are achieved with a custom approach that can be tailored to your needs versus group hypnosis.  Our approach is focused on performance and unique for every client and challenge.

Is free will only an illusion?

Through research and studies, neuroscience has determined that 95% of our emotions, feelings and actions are controlled by our subconscious programming. When you consider that things like rational thinking and will power resides in the other 5%, it’s no wonder that people struggle with making changes in their lives. Without tools like hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy to support desired change, it can sometimes seem like an unwinnable battle.

“But what about the choices I make every day?” Well, the real questions should be, “What about the choices I THINK I AM MAKING every day.”

Amazingly, studies have shown that, even when we think we are making a conscious decision, often what we are actually doing is post-rationalizing a decision that our subconscious programming has already made for us. Scientists can effectively read the decision made by your subconscious up to 7 seconds before you are even aware you made a choice!

Obviously, this begs many questions, including some surrounding morality and personal responsibility.

And now the more wicked among you are thinking, “So, I’m not accountable for any of my wrongdoings?!”

ON the contrary, now that you’ve read this, you have a responsibility to take action. Inaction results in being a victim of our subconscious and by relation our upbringing and our environment. At the end of the day, the only way we can hope to more fully control ourselves and our lives is by addressing the other 95% that so many ignore.

The good news is that with effort you CAN make those changes with tools like hypnosis for weight loss, hypnosis for smoking and hypnosis for anxiety. Even focus issues can be addressed with hypnotherapy and hypnosis for add or adhd, but the first step requires you desiring to change and seeking the help you need.

Now you know and knowing is half the battle. Knowledge is POWER. And with great power comes great responsibility. So, do something about it.

Actually, and perhaps unfortunately, it would appear that knowing is only 5% of the battle. We need to influence the 95% -- GI Joe was a little off…