Studies show that hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you fall asleep faster, sleep longer and achieve a better quality of sleep.

We help you change your behavior with custom solutions combining hypnosis with other cognitive tools for self-improvement, better sports performance, improved academic performance and to help executives with business skills and challenges.
Hypnosis for anxiety can be highly effective

Our mind's programs are all about efficiency -- habits built by repetition. But what happens when your new "habit" is insomnia, or a racing mind that keeps you from sleep at night? Hypnosis can adjust those sleep habits.

Lack of sleep can lead to depression, anxiety, memory problems, a weakened immune system and more.

Over 50% of children and 35% of adults are not getting enough sleep or suffer from insomnia.

Busy schedules can be rough on all of us, regardless of age. That is all the more reason to consider ways of getting more sleep with hypnosis and improving the quality of your sleep (better, more restful sleep).

Insomnia or trouble sleeping is something hypnotherapy can help with.

There are many studies that have shown the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for insomnia and hypnosis for better sleep. Following are a couple of study results from similar approaches:

  • 87% reported significant improvement or total resolution of sleep problems with hypnosis
(BMC Pediatrics. 2006, Vol. 6 (23). Published Aug. 16, 2006 )
  • Nearly 60% reported a benefit on sleep outcomes in a recent meta-study (multiple studies overall)
(J Clin Sleep Med. 2018;14(2):271–283 )
  • SWS - Slow Wave Sleep promotes brain plasticity and body restoration -- hypnosis resulted in an 81% increase in SWS and a 67% reduction in time spent awake
(SLEEP 2014;37(6):1143-1152 )

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