Is Vaping Dangerous? Yes. And Hypnotherapy can help you quit. See the facts on vaping safety below.

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective and efficient, but the best results are achieved with a custom approach that can be tailored to your needs versus group hypnosis.  Our approach is focused on performance and unique for every client and challenge.

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The question is not whether Vapes or E-cigarettes are healthier than smoking. The question is what is the most likely future for someone who uses these products?

Regardless of your reason for Vaping or using E-cigarettes, the fact remains that even commercially distributed Vaping products contain harmful chemicals that are known to harm you. Long-term use is not advisable, nor should it be perceived as "safe."

Below are some data points and articles so you can decide for yourself.

  • The FDA has not approved Vapes or E-cigarettes to help with smoking cessation
  • Various studies show only 3-10% of people switching to Vaping from cigarettes are able to entirely give up all forms of smoking
  • Vaping and E-cigarettes often result in higher intakes of Nicotine than traditional cigarettes
  • Research that shows Vaping to initially enhance smokers' ability to quit also show a higher % of relapse than other methods

Studies show Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy has been 50%-90% effective in helping people quit smoking.

Check out some of the articles below for opinions on both sides of the discussion about Vaping and E-cigarette safety.

Do your research and formulate your own opinion on the safety of Vaping and E-cigarettes. When you or a loved one are ready to stop, we're here to help.